What is sexsomnia?

Sexsomnia, or sleep sex, is a rare condition where a person engages in sexual activity during sleep. This can involve masturbation, or initiating sexual contact with a partner.

Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder just like sleep talking or sleep walking and sufferers will often have experienced one of these related disorders. Personally, I often sleep talk and I have been known to sleep walk on rare occasions, increasingly when under the influence of alcohol.

When does sexsomnia occur?

In my personal experience, I can initiate ‘sleep sex’ with my partner every couple of months. Although this can vary greatly between sufferers. I can go months without a single sleep sex incident, or it may happen twice in a week. It also doesn’t seem to matter whether I had already had sex that very night.

How can I stop sexsomnia?

There is no known cure for sexsomnia. Doctors may prescribe drugs which sedate the sufferer to a degree, but these often have side effects such as drowsiness. I would not recommend taking drugs for this condition unless you experience particularly strong episodes and there is no other option.

For most people, the worst effect of sleep sex is often embarassment between the sufferer and their partner. This needn’t be the case, as long as you talk it through with them and be honest with each other. There’s nothing weird about it, it’s just like sleep talking. Fortunately, my partner is very accepting and is happier about my condition than I am! Also, my occurences are relatively infrequent.

If you want to talk to someone about your Sexsomnia, feel free to email me using the Contact form.

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  2. Giving up Says:

    It looks like most people have loved ones who understand. I don’t. This disorder has taken everything from me and I literally don’t want to wake up anymore because of it. I guess it’s a lot worse if you don’t have understanding and support.


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