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I started this site due to being an occasional sufferer of sexsomnia (sleep sex). Whilst researching the subject, I found that it is quite rare. I decided to start this site to educate others on this curious condition.

My form of sexomnia typically involves me initiating sex with my partner whilst I am (we are)  asleep. Luckily my partner understands, and even sees the funny side of my sexomnia, and does not take offense. I think I am more scared than her when I awake mid-intercourse. She often thinks I have just woken up ‘a bit horny’.

I have never experienced sleep masturbation, however it is another form of parasomnia. If you have any information you would care to share, please contact me and I will happily read and hopefully add your view to my website. I invite sleep sex, sleep masturbation and indeed all parasomnia sufferers to share their experiences with on my site.

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  1. saksham kareer Says:

    I suffered the same
    And now i can’t even face Her.

    Actually I think I’m suffering from it…I was sleeping with my friend I’m the morning she told me that in midnight I was trying to be physical with her but believe I have no idea about that I didn’t remember anything about that and that’s a very bad experience for me.I fell guilty for myself when I came to know .


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